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Hello! Apologies for posting this on my personal deviantart instead of only the HeartFibers group! I really wanted to get some input from anyone and everyone I could ask! 

I've given close friends permission to make Heart Fibers so that I could "test out" the species and see if any new ideas could come to mind! And many ideas have popped up! I'm now getting ready to open up a free MYO event for everyone in a couple of weeks! 

What is a Heart Fiber? 
It's a physical form of your heart that exists in a parallel dimension! You can't interact with or control your heart fiber's actions, BUT you can look through its eyes and visualize all the bonds/relationships you have!

How did Heart Fibers come into existence?
Well, let's just say that Cupid wanted to retire a bit early, so he decided to put humans in charge of their own relationships cuz he was shit tired of dealing with us! 

What's so special about them?
A Heart fiber's hair represents their human form's desires/wishes and makes fibrous connections with other heart fibers! These connections signify the bonds we have with family, friends, and acquaintances!
Creating a Heart Fiber allows for you to express yourself in an OC! 

Where can I learn more about them?
By visiting the HeartFibers Group and reading their Lore here --> Heart Fiber Species Info
Please feel free to join the group for updates on free MYO events and giveaways! 

Here's an example/WIP MYO application I created! >u< 
16-07-21 Heart Fiber Myo Application WIP by SmexyViButt
There are four main components to the MYO application:

Heart Fiber - their design! 

- the space your heart fiber resides in 

- an example of your heart fiber connections! Can include them or simply their hair connections with another heart fiber! 

- 5 things here! Heart Fiber theme (ex. Jellyfish), Wish (ex. to never let go of what's important), Stage (all heart fibers are in the identity stage initially), arrow's side effect (what happens when you meet your soulmate!), extra (facts and such) 

Heart Fiber description requirements.Heart Fiber.
Stage: Identify (all heart fibers start at this stage)
Beginnings: Describe how your heart fiber form was created. The first moment you/the human form of your heart fiber discovered they even had one. Did you encounter Cupid face-to-face when he shot you or did you feel something hit you, black out and wake up seeing through the eyes of their Heart Fiber? Or perhaps something different happened? What was it like to discover this new universe? Remember that you can only look through the eyes of your heart fiber, so you can see what they see but you cannot control their actions nor can you speak/interact directly with them! Heart Fibers are a parallel existence of your heart! 
Design meaning: When you first saw what your heart fiber looked like (perhaps by looking in a mirror or the reflection of water, etc), what in their design held meaning to you? In other words, how was their design linked to the desires/wishes/emotions of your heart? 
Fibrous c

^^^ The Heart Fiber description requirements lists certain topics which will be included in the description of your MYO application if you decide to apply when a MYO event opens! 

So yep! That's about it! Thoughts and criticism appreciated ! 

As mentioned, feel free to join the HeartFibers :iconheartfibers: group! <3

And please remember that this is a closed species, which means you cannot make one without my permission ;w; 

I promise there will be a free MYO event in a few weeks! 

and here's an example heart fiber for anyone interested in what they could look like! they can honestly look like anything humanoid tho lol
Jellyfish Heart Fiber by SmexyViButt
More Journal Entries

Quick Links and Information!

__+The Origin of Heart Fibers+__

Cupid, the deity of love, used his hair to tie a red string of fate between lovers, but humans began to make and break relationships so fast that they drove Cupid bald! Frustrated with the fickleness of human emotions and bitter about his barren scalp, Cupid said, "fuck it," and decided to put humans in charge of their own relationships. He shot everyone with a magic arrow that gave their heart a physical, humanoid form known as a Heart Fiber. However, his arrows left a side effect! It seemed that the affected humans had something else changed within them, something that could only be restored to normal when a human met their soulmate and when a Heart Fiber formed a mutual connection with the Heart Fiber of their fated partner. And so began a revolution in the world, all precipitated by a smooth scalp...

Divider: Rainbow Hearts by apparate
HeartFibers is a closed species by :iconsmexyvibutt: , created for the purpose of self expression!

Everyone is welcome to join the group, and everyone will have a chance to have a Heart Fiber of their own through free MYO Events, giveaway events, buying a Heart Fiber I put up as an adopt, or commissioning me to design your Heart Fiber.

Heart Fibers are a closed species, which means that you cannot make your own Heart Fiber without my permission ;w;!

To find out more about Heart Fibers, check out the links below!

.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu A One God Revolution (intro)|Species Background .:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu

.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-ChiuUpcoming Events |FAQ | Member List .:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu



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